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Dubstep fans dance at the Global Gathering in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom. While the details of the genre are amorphous, most agree that dubstep first emerged in Croydon, a borough in South London, around 2002. Artists like Magnetic Man, El-B, Benga and others created some of the first dubstep records, gathering at the Big Apple Records shop to network and discuss the songs they had crafted with synthesizers, computers and audio production software. DMZ Records, an early purveyor of dubstep music, organized club nights in the borough of Brixton. This isn’t just your typical club experience — this is dubstep. Smitten with the sound, the pair organized a dubstep-themed club night entitled Dub War at a Brooklyn bar in June 2005. The event’s success spawned more festivals in other American cities, like Smog in Los Angeles, as well as events in Miami, San Francisco and elsewhere. See more pictures of music festivals. Although lots of artists making dubstep music, including Skream, Kevin Martin and Burial, put out CDs and MP3s that you can listen to on a home stereo system, purists will tell you that the places to go hear and experience dubstep are at clubs and festivals — spaces in which the speakers are configured specially for lots of low, seemingly never-ending bass notes.

The sound caught the ear of John Peel and Mary Anne Hobbs, who were DJs at the radio station BBC Radio 1. In January 2006, Hobbs broadcast a two-hour special entitled Dubstep Warz, which featured live sets from dubstep producers like Skream, Mala and others. Today, the genre is the darling of record producers looking to infuse new sounds into hit singles and remixes, and its influence has spread to artists as diverse as Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and Radiohead. The asteroid that created this crater was about 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide and hit the Earth 65 million years ago. According to the Alvarez theory, a massive asteroid had hit the Earth, blanketing the world in iridium. Ten years before the 1990 discovery of the Chicxulub crater, physicist Luis Alvarez and geologist Walter Alvarez, a father-son team, proposed a theory about the impact that created it. Now that we know what to listen for in a dubstep song, uk academy news let’s find out how the sound was created.

Dubstep is a subcategory of electronic dance music, or EDM, an umbrella term for music made with computers and intended to be broadcast over nightclub sound systems. Click over to the next page to peel away the mystery behind gluten-free facial masks. They can stick in your brain for anywhere from a few minutes to several days — long enough to drive even the sanest person batty. Each user was allotted 6 Megabytes of space in the beginning (15 Megabytes in later days), and the company raised revenue via advertisements scattered throughout the pages. To get a good map, NASA researchers examined it from space. Researchers at universities and the NOAA are using modeling techniques to estimate how much of certain compounds need to be removed in order to reduce the dead zone’s size. Even so, biologists have some basic ideas about which qualities artificial life needs to possess in order to be considered alive. The K-T event had an enormous effect on life on Earth, but what would have happened if the asteroid had missed? National Geographic Society CEO John Fahey didn’t wait around for his publication to suffer the same fate as iconic photo magazines like Life. At the same time, dinosaurs, which until then had managed to survive for 180 million years, died out.

This small New England town has managed to turn a windy day into a windfall by building wind turbines to provide for its energy needs. On the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, near the town of Chicxulub, Mexico, is a crater about 120 miles (193 kilometers) in diameter. When developers selected a database to train this neural network, they picked one that included 120 dog subclasses, all expertly classified. That is possible, in part, because the T1 is one of the lightest supercars ever built. One of the few places where humans are allowed in the water with these huge ocean mammals. With the low cost and easy accessbility of recording software available to aspiring dubstep producers, the genre spread to places like Japan, Australia and Brazil. In the latter half of the 2000s, R&B singer Rihanna, rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West, and the heavy metal group Korn all assimilated dubstep into songs. Most dubstep songs are instrumental, but some artists choose to incorporate vocals.